Confidential Business Development and Support

Custom Solutions for Your Business

At WCCBI we handle Business Development in a very personal and individualistic manner.  We don’t have a form for you to complete and forward for us to review and respond with a “cookie-cutter” offer of assistance.  Rather, we feel strongly that we must get to know each business personally, get to understand your needs and what resources you have and where you need our help the most.

To that end we have access to a myriad of resources including the fine organizations listed below.  We will bring these resources to you as is appropriate based upon our understanding of your needs.  We have seen too often that resources are presented simply because they exist, not necessarily because they solve your specific problem.

Step 1 in this process is connecting with you, preferably face-to-face but electronically works well to get things moving in a positive direction.  So, give me a call, send me an email or a text…or even a fax, and we can begin to dialogue with one another so that I understand your needs, your desires and you timeline.  From this beginning step I will then reach out to the appropriate resources and develop a package of services which can be delivered to you in a timely and appropriate fashion.

All of our discussions and every piece of information you share with me is held as completely confidential.  I will inform you of which provider I would recommend we engage with on your project before sharing any information with them.