Work Force Manager

McKissock Learning

McKissock Learning, Warren PA location

Responsible for overseeing the strategic planning for short term and long-term staffing to meet volume forecasting and company / departmental growth focused on call center operations.


  • Forecasting call center call volume
  • Forecasting staffing needs to perform phone and off phone work in call center Create shift & work schedules for CC staff
  • Changing work schedules to optimize performance as required
  • Manage time off requests Generation of reports showing production volume to assess future and current needs Collection of data & analysis to improve business operations in one or more departments
  • Identifying critical job titles and classifying jobs
  • Reassigning workers to different titles Deciding when a job becoming obsolete Hiring seasonal employees Proposal of staffing plans and staffing budgets Providing strategic advice to decision-makers
  • Tertiary responsibility for team performance to metrics
  • Provide guidance, direction & encouragement to CC floor team leaders to exceed goals
  • Lead by example by encouraging all Team members to live by Colibri core values.
  • Understand advanced call center metrics
  • Understand advanced call center technology
  • Understand how to read & analyze call center data used to make management decisions
  • Ability to run reports from multiple systems & bring data together to paint a picture
  • Generate and review weekly call/activity reports
  • Communicate company goals, so every employee understands her or her role.
  • Advanced conflict resolution skills
  • Determine call center operational strategies by conducting needs assessments/capacity planning
  • Good interpersonal, written & verbal skills
  • Proficient time management skills and multitasking abilities
  • Excellent computer skills, learn & navigate new software using multiple computer screens & concurrent internet tabs (CRM, Phone, Microsoft Products)


Skills & Requirements: 

  • Must fit the company’s EPIC culture
  • Evangelize company culture internally & externally
  • Assist with hiring decisions as directed by manager
  • Expert level of report generation, analysis of data
  • Advanced level of Power Point skills
  • Complete projects as assigned by management
  • Positive outlook/upbeat personality!
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Strong work ethic, to work with co-workers in close quarters
  • Be a Subject Matter Expert resource for all front-line staff


  • Own applicant flow pipeline, onboarding process and staffing plan
  • Ability to provide staffing schedules to front line a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the effective date
  • Provide information derived from report analysis to assist floor leaders with coaching and mentoring opportunities with staff as requested
  • Maintain weekly reports to leadership staff at all levels within timeline & accuracy of data as directed by CC Director
  • Assist with direction & suggestions to floor managers to exceed following goals:
  • Maintain or exceed the goal of =>80% for Team Answer Rate
  • Maintain or exceed the goal of =>35% for Team Conversion Rate
  • Maintain or exceed the goal of =>83% for Team Quality Score
  • Maintain or exceed the goal of =<15% for Team DND time
  • Maintain or exceed the goal of =<60% for Team Call Back Percentage

Elements considered in promotion decision: 

  • Colibri cultural fit
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines & demonstrate advance time management skills
  • Time in position (this is not a limiting factor)
  • Adherence to attendance criteria
  • Ability to initiate positive changes for process improvements
  • Show advanced leadership capability
  • Communicate picture of CC status using advanced call metrics
  • Department resource to read & analyze call center data
  • Ability to run reports from multiple systems & bring data together to paint a picture
  • Have respect for staff, peers, and leadership

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