Date(s) - 06/24/2017
12:00 am

Hearts Content National Scenic Area


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The Running Revolution – working with the Allegheny National Forest – is presenting the Firefly Volksmarch on Saturday, June 24th at Hearts Content National Scenic Area, State Road 2002, Warren, PA.

So what the heck is a Volksmarch?

Volksmarching got its name from its origins in Europe, specifically in the Bavarian region of Germany. Volks can be translated from German for “people” and march from marsch for walking or marching. It means “people’s march” or “people’s walk.” Much like the Volkswagen is the people’s car, volksmarches are walks for everyone.

Volksmarch walks have been organized in Europe since the early 1970’s with the intent of being non-competitive, welcoming people of all ability levels. They are specifically untimed events, with awards or mementos given to participants.