Tidioute Bridge, Tidioute, Pennsylvania
1925 Tidioute Creek Road Tidioute Pennsylvania 16351 US

The origninal battle for the Ludendorff Bridge took place during World War II in Remagen, Germany in March of 1945. The 7th Annual World War II reenactment portraying this battle at Remagen, Germany, will take place in Tidioute, Pennsylvania on Saturday, August 1st, 2015.

On Saturday, August 1st, you will have an opportunity to see hundreds of Infantryman organized by the 99th Infantry Division 393rd Regiment, Easy Company Reenactment Group (Battle Babies) re-enact this battle beginning at 3pm. This is the seventieth anniversary of the orginal battle. The streets of Tidioute will be full of action as approximately 250 reenactors representing Infantrymen of both American and German decent battle for control of the bridge.

Remagen, Germany is a small town located on the West bank of the Rhine River. its layout and size are very similar to Tidioute. The Rhine River is similar in size to the Allegheny River. The terrain features of Remagen, Germany look very much like the Allegheny Region, with the rolling mountains, deep valleys and several ridges. The bridge at Remagen was named after a German hero, thus the name Ludendorff Bridge which was about 700 feet long. Just a litlle longer than the Tidioute Bridge which is 551 feet in length.

An ecampment will be set up and open to the public in the Limestone ball field just south of the Tidioute Bridge. Vistors are welcome and encouraged to stop at the encampment to see how it was back then. There will be WWII memorbilia for sale and on display along with American and German uniforms, equipment, and vehicles.

The German Ludendorff Bridge was the only bridge across the Rhine River that was captured by American forces during World War II. Visitors will see U.S. soliders drive the German army back across the bridge. Watch as the bridge is blown up with pyrotechnics. See the capture of the bridge and the defeat of the German forces.

It was 1945, the allied forces were on the offense and the German army was in full retreat. Lead elements of the 9th Armored Division arrived on a hill overlooking Remagen and the Ludendorff Bridge. Lt. Timmerman Lead the column assigned to capture the town.l To their surprise they found the bridge intact with the German aremy still retreating across it. The bridge at Remagen was the last remaining bridge on the Rhine River. Either the advancing allied armies or the retrating German army had destroyed all of the other bridges on the Rhine. Orders were to “Capture the Bridge.” Lt. Timmerman’s column led by a company of Infantry, advanced into the lightly defended village and quickly made their way to the bridge. Between 3 and 4pm the Germans were on the other side of the Rhine River and they detonated the charges that were aready in place. These explosives blew, lifting the bridge off its foudnation. When the smoke cleared the bridge was still intact and still standing. history was made that day and the following day a sign was placed on the bridge that read, “Cross the Rhine with Dry Feet, Courtesy of the 9th Armored Division.” Ten days later the bridge collapsed, killing may of the combat engineers who were trying to repair the bridge. Hundreds of G.I.’s wwere killed and wounded fighting to protect this bridge.
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Reminders & Tips:
For everyone’s safety, spectators are asked to remain outside the roped areas during the reenactment and to follow instructions of the Fire Police and reenactment volunteers.
Viewing areas are available on both sides of the river with limited nearby parking.
There will be a specail viewing area for Veterans located at the intersection of King Street and Buckingham Street. All veterans are welcome.
Bring a lawn chair or blanket for hillside viewing.
Port a Johns are set up through out the viewing area and include handicapp accomidations.
The Tidioute Bridge will be closed to vehicle and foot traffic from 2:00pm until the completion of the event so be sure to determine which side of the river you want to watch from and plan accordingly.

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